Start Weight
99 kilos
Current Weight
67 kilos
Weight Lost
32 kilos
12 months

Over the past 8 years I had gradually put on weight due to weekly work travel, long work hours, eating on the run and lack of exercise. Feeling overweight and frumpy I didn’t feel like going out much and I had a limited wardrobe as I refused to buy clothes over size 18. I missed a lot of fun events and became a home body. I also experienced weekly headaches that often lasted 2 days.

With COVID restrictions in place in Sydney, I decided the time was right to start my weight loss journey.

I was working from home and had no work travel. I had time to walk morning and night (including walking work meetings) and I could be really committed to eating only what ‘came in the box’. It worked perfectly while working at home.

I chose Lite n Easy because the food is fresh, tasty and there is plenty of variety. It is so simple to follow, and it works.

I think the program is great value for money at little more than the cost of buying just a coffee and lunch daily. I started on the Jump Start program for the first 2 weeks then moved to the 7-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner program for the next 5 months.

I walked at least once daily, and the weight started falling off.

When I got to 84 kilos, my 17-year-old son and I set a challenge to see who could get to 77 kilos first. He was 70 kilos and needed to put on weight! I got there first and then changed to the 5 Day Meal Plan and have since lost another 6kgs.

I am relieved that I have continued to lose weight on the 5 Day Meal Plan whilst still having the flexibility to enjoy different meals 2 days per week and practice my meal choices and portion sizes.

I have lost 28 kilos and I feel fantastic.

I have so much more energy which has enabled me to be active in our renovations – bathroom demo, carting bricks and timbers and lifting boxes etc

I feel so much better in myself and want to go out.

I have been able to wear lots of clothes that had been sitting in my wardrobe new but unworn, I receive compliments all the time about how well I am looking and that I look younger than my age. Headaches are now rare which has helped with my moods.

I had done Lite n’ Easy many years prior and it worked. I kept the weight off for a long time. This time round I wanted something that included fresh and healthy food that was like what we eat every day at home, but portion controlled.

So for many reasons, Lite n’ Easy was an obvious choice.

*Individual results may vary


I am excited to share that I have lost a few more kilos and have been sitting at 66-67kgs for a few months now. This has prompted me to finally start clearing out the size 18 gear from the wardrobe and heading out to the shops to restock in size 10-12 clothing – what a pleasure that is! I am also so much more hands on with our reno now, because I have so much more energy.