Start Weight
91 kilos (169cm)
Current Weight
63 kilos
Weight Lost
28 kilos
1 year

Working shift work in a pub, most days I don’t have time to come home and cook. So before Lite n’ Easy, my diet consisted mainly of pub food, take-away and soft drink – nothing healthy at all and no water. I was overeating to the point of feeling ill. Consequently I had no energy at all, I was exhausted and just slept for the majority of my spare time. I was the heaviest I had ever been and felt horrible about myself.

I had tried other diets but could never stick to them.

I chose Lite n’ Easy because it seemed so convenient with my shift work.

I ordered the 1200 Calorie 5 Day Meal Plan so I could still enjoy going out for dinner and social events. I felt so much better after the first week that I was hooked.

After just a few weeks eating all yummy food delivered by Lite n’ Easy I felt much more energised. The napping stopped and the gym started. Since then I have lost 28 kilos and my life has turned around completely. I’m loving every bit of it and I don’t feel like I have been on a diet.

I’ve reached my weight loss goal now but I’ll keep ordering the meals because it’s more of a lifestyle than a diet to me, plus the food is YUM! Why wouldn’t you when you feel this good? ​

I owe so many thanks to Lite n’ Easy for the quality of life I have today compared to 10 months ago! I enjoy it and I would be lost without Lite n’ Easy in my life​.

*Individual results may vary