Sarah M

Start Weight
98 kilos
Current Weight
67 kilos
Weight Lost
31 kilos
1 year

I have always struggled to lose weight. I tried many quick fix diets and constantly failed.  Before Lite n’ Easy I was eating very unhealthily including lots of takeaways and this made me fatigued and unable to do the things that I wanted to do in life.

My Lite n’ Easy journey began when I wanted to lose weight, look good and feel comfortable in preparation for my wedding.

At my heaviest I was 98 kilos and in a size 18. I knew I needed a change.

Starting Lite n’ Easy made it easy for me to watch my portions and eat healthier without the fuss of meal planning or worrying what were the right foods for me to eat. I chose the 1200 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan and began to notice weight loss in the first 2 weeks which encouraged me to keep going.

I lost 18 kilos on Lite n’ Easy alone, without any exercise. Then my motivation to exercise started to grow, allowing me to lose another 13 kilos.

Almost a year later and I am so proud of myself as I have smashed my goals by losing 31 kilos. I’m in a size 10 now and have totally turned my lifestyle around. Not only did I reach my goal weight but this has also helped me quit smoking to become the healthiest version of myself possible.

Lite n’ Easy was the best decision I made, I now feel confident, motivated, healthy and energetic towards life.

*Individual results may vary