Start Weight
95 kilos
Current Weight
62 kilos
Weight Lost
33 kilos
1 year

I started Lite n’ Easy a year ago, because I was overweight, depressed and unhappy. I am a circus coach and I couldn’t do my job properly – it was embarrassing.

I started losing weight in about 3 weeks and I could see changes more or less every week.

I lost 33 kilos in total have now surpassed my weight loss goal. I am not only back to coaching and training, but also performing!

I am a very fussy eater, but I love my Lite n’ Easy meals.

I have not come across a meal I did not enjoy. And I absolutely love the convenience of it – I don’t have to think, plan or prepare anything.

I think this is actually the fittest I have been my whole adult life and I couldn’t not be happier!

Now I love going out, shopping for summer clothes and travelling. I feel like me again!

Thank you Lite n’ Easy!

*Individual results may vary