Start Weight
85 kilos
Current Weight
66 kilos
Weight Lost
19 kilos
10 months

At 85 kilos I was obese, depressed, constantly tired and lacking in self-confidence. I suffered from emotional eating which led me deeper and deeper into a depressive state. I hated the way I looked, and I hated the way I felt which led me to eat some more, going around and around in a vicious cycle. Things finally came to a head when my daughter had her formal and I saw photos of myself.

I then realised that I was so depressed it was affecting my work life as well as my home life.

I went to seek medical advice and was told that the best way to help my mental health was to get healthy and lose weight. I had a girlfriend who had just started Lite n’ Easy and she showed me the menus and the delicious looking foods she was receiving. She showed me the App and how easy it was to use, so I decided to have a crack.

I had pretty much tried everything else.

From shakes, pills, this diet, and that diet. Some would work for a while, and I would drop a few kilos, only fall off the wagon and put the weight back on with an added few. None of these “diets” were sustainable.

 I chose the Lite n’ Easy 1200 Calorie Meal Plan and was super surprised with the variety of foods. As a very picky eater, I was still able to find something that I was able to eat because there were multiple choices for each meal.

Another thing that I loved was the quality and freshness of the food. I loved the fact that there were snacks, to be able to have a small piece of cake and feel like I wasn’t missing out on the yummy foods, meant it was easier to stay with the program and not cheat.

 Lite n’ Easy became very convenient especially when I started split shift at work. I wasn’t tempted with stopping and buying unhealthy meals or making bad choices on my way home, as I knew that in less than 8 minutes after arriving home, I could be eating a nutritious and delicious meal.

 When you take into consideration that I have halved my grocery bill you see that the price of Lite n’ Easy is very affordable and the convenience is a major bonus.

 I have currently lost around 19 kilos in about 10 months and have almost reached my goal of 65 kilos.

I can honestly say that I am the healthiest I have been in at least ten years, my energy levels have me feeling at least ten years younger. I joined a touch football team with my children this year and am loving the fact that I can keep up with them. My self-confidence has greatly improved, being able to feel pretty in clothes, wearing colours and styles I haven’t worn in years as I was trying to hide my body shape.

My whole mental outlook has greatly improved which has helped me in my work life but more importantly in my home life. My husband of 20 years and I feel like we have turned back the clock. Now I walk most days and play touch twice a week and still have energy to burn.

I have found that Lite n’ Easy is so convenient that I will continue to stay on it into the future.

*Individual results may vary