Start Weight
108 kilos
Current Weight
86 kilos
Weight Lost
22 kilos
7 months

I’m Stephen from Pittwater and I’ve had a love of sailing ever since I can remember. Late in 2017 I realised my agility and stamina were lacking and I couldn’t enjoy sailing like I used to. I wanted to race in the Sydney to Hobart but I couldn’t move around properly or last for more than a few hours on the boat without being exhausted.

Something had to be done about the excess weight I was carrying.

Then a colleague told me to give Lite n’ Easy a go. With copious amounts of cynicism, I thought I’d give it a go, for a week, maybe two at a push. Now here we are and I’m 22 kilos lighter, never felt better and still ordering the food every week.

Then the kicker; it wasn’t until I recently went for an extensive medical check that I realised what Lite n’ Easy had actually done for me. Yes, I’m a lot lighter, I feel brighter, fitter, I sleep better and have more energy; but there’s more to the story. My doctor’s eyebrows were gleefully raised as he went through the results because ALL of the results and readings were within the ‘normal’ parameters for the very first time.

Over the years there’s been discussions about my cholesterol, potential liver issues and even diabetes. But not anymore. And the only thing I changed was adding Lite n’ Easy into my life. I can still live a rather social lifestyle and I can still have the occasional drink or two. But I’ve got a better future now. As my doctor said, “you’ve added ten years onto your life”.

On so many levels, Lite n’ Easy is an absolute ‘no brainer’ for me. You jump online, choose your menu, the food is delivered and all sorted into the different days of the week and there’s no thinking required. The variety and taste are brilliant and the food is fresh. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

I can easily do hours of sailing now without an issue and I do enjoy everything more now because I can. I’m fitter, healthier, happier, so because of that everything is good.