The day I retired I realised that life was going to have to change for me to be able to live on a limited aged pension. I started to take stock of what I really spent money on, what I could keep doing and what I needed to change to live a reasonable, healthy life.

One thing I noticed was that even though I ate healthily, I still wasted a lot of food because it is hard to shop and cook for one. Often it went into the fridge and spoiled.

About 5 years ago I had used Lite n’ Easy when I worked full time and really enjoyed it

So I went back to the web page and took the quick quiz to determine how many calories I would need to keep healthy and to find out how much it would cost me.

I was delighted to find that the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan, with breakfast, lunch and dinner would cost me only $155 a week – much less than my weekly shopping bill was at the time! I ordered there on the spot.

I was so excited, I could not wait for my first delivery!

Now I find I know exactly what my food bill will be each week.

I save money on gas for cooking, and fuel because I don’t have to go out to do the weekly shopping.

Now I have time to do things I love to do. Each week I still look forward to the meals arriving at my door, and think, ‘wow- that was one of the best choices I made to maintain my health and my pocket!’

Lite n’ Easy is not just for losing weight. When your budget is really tight, you don’t have to sacrifice healthy eating in order to pay bills. You know exactly what it costs so you can budget accordingly. Often pensioners are at high risk of not eating properly and Lite’n Easy is a great answer for that.

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