Tamsyn Manou

Former Australian Athlete and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist

Fuelling my body and mind with the right food was critical in becoming a world champion athlete. Nowadays, as a coach, sports commentator and a busy working mum of two young children, prioritising my health is just as important.

Thanks to Lite n’ Easy’s delicious, healthy meals, it’s never been easier.

I understand the importance of fuelling my body with the right foods to keep my energy levels high and to be healthy. Knowing that the meals I am eating have been designed by a professional dietitian, definitely gives me peace of mind.

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy won me over straight away. I mainly order the lunches, dinners and soups.

I really enjoy the wide range of flavoursome foods on offer. Each meal I have tried has been full of flavours and delicious and they’re 100% satisfying. I absolutely love the Turkey, Cranberry and Walnut Salad. The dressing is so delicious and it is my go-to meal when I need to get through a busy work/family day.

My husband even tried them and really enjoyed them also. He enjoyed the convenience of having something wholesome when he came home after working late.

I don’t think of the meals as diet food, more as healthy living food.

I often hear how tough it is to look after ‘self’ with all the pressures of ferrying kids around to activities and working. I think putting your health as a priority is a win for the whole family and Lite n’ Easy helps me do that.


How can Lite n’ Easy help?

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