Start Weight
90 kilos (150cm tall)
Current Weight
63 kilos
Weight Lost
27 kilos
12 months

At the beginning of my journey I was a a young woman who struggled to keep up with daily life. I had just turned 30, my friends were going out on weekends, hiking, parties etc and I felt like I was being left behind. My weight was getting out of control and I was so down on myself. Every morning I would look at myself and just hate who I saw.

I also suffer with a lung condition which prevents them from working as well as they should. I was stuck in the vicious cycle of needing to exercise to get my weight and health under control yet I could barely exercise due to my lung complaint. Being stuck in that rut really did a number on me emotionally.

Finally one day I made the decision to change and I started Lite n’ Easy.

The reason I chose Lite n’ Easy is that I had tried it briefly before and I really enjoyed the food. I had a massive issue with portion control but this meal plan takes all those options away from you which is what I needed. Also, you aren’t going to the shop and just throwing all that junk food into the trolley.

I started out on the 1200 calorie program as I was not exercising but I am currently on the 1500 calorie plan and I’m loving it. Starting Lite n’ Easy allowed me to drop some kilos in the beginning which made it easier to start my exercising regime. It is so good, I do not feel hungry and it keeps me fuelled while I exercise. The lunches are amazing, I struggle to choose what option I want as they are all delicious and there are so many dinners available, it is impossible to get bored.

I only wish I had started with Lite n’ Easy sooner as it is the best thing I have ever done.

I am now 27 kilos lighter and I no longer hate who I see in the mirror. I can exercise without passing out and I am no longer left behind in my daily life. I have so much more energy and I don’t feel bloated or heavy like I did before with all the fatty food I was eating. Not only that, but my lung capacity has actually improved which makes daily life so much easier.

I feel good about myself again and proud of what I have achieved. Not only is Lite n’ Easy so convenient, it actually works. I love the new happier, healthier me and I am now able to live my life again.

Lite n’ Easy is the one food program I highly recommend. I am so grateful I started.

*Individual results may vary