Start Weight
83 kilos
Current Weight
72 kilos
Weight Lost
11 kilos
11 weeks

It is not like me to share my weight loss journey, however, I am so proud of myself and what I am achieving thanks to the support and guidance of Lite ‘n’ Easy. I hope that finding the courage to share my story can empower other women to take the time to invest in their ‘self-care’.

As a younger woman, I had never struggled with my weight and I have always had an active lifestyle.

My story of weight gain started in my mid-forties, despite my still active lifestyle. At 52 and reaching 82.5kg and overweight, I had almost accepted middle age spread and could find any number of excuses for this weight gain. These excuses never took away the feeling of hating the way I looked and most importantly how it made me feel, when I saw a photo of myself or tried to squeeze into an old favourite outfit.

With no change to my exercise routines, Lite n’ Easy and the Jump Start Plus program have shown me where I was going wrong.

I have attempted many healthy lifestyle and food prepping diets over the years, continuing to fail, due to being time poor, not getting my portions right or lack of variety in the food I was eating. I had always looked at Lite n’ Easy as an option but had the preconceived idea that it was like “cheating”.

After a difficult year, I decided to do something for ME. For 30 years I had fed my family meals they all liked to eat; now it was about me and what I needed. I gave myself permission to let someone take care of me and my well-being and this is when my Lite n’ Easy journey began.

I started Jump Start Plus on the 17 January 2021. I trusted the process and advice available on the Lite n’ Easy website and started off my weight loss journey with two weeks on the Jump Start Plan before moving to the calorie-controlled meal plan.

My results on the Jump Start plan for the first two weeks were amazing and gave me the confidence to want more.

I have now completed 11 weeks and have lost 11 kilos, 8cm off my waist and I continue each week to move closer to my goal weight of 68 kilos.

Am I cheating? NO! I am practicing self-care and am so grateful for every member of the Lite n’ Easy team that have taken me into their care.

The food is so good, the taste and variety leaves me satisfied.

I have a smile sometimes when I see the portions and wonder how I got it so wrong previously, I am clearly giving my body the fuel it needs, as I am never hungry, but with each meal complete, I look forward to what is next on the menu and I am loving the variety of meals.

The Jump Start Plus app has been invaluable on my weight loss journey.

The old saying you can’t measure what you can’t see, is so true. If I am ever finding a day that I might think of heading off the path I am currently on, I just refer to the app and the wins I have had to date, result in me giving myself a high five and reinforces that I am moving in the direction of where I want to be. If I am ever feeling a little peckish, I just head to the app, tap on my menu, look at what has been prepared for my next meal and I am instantly satisfied.

I am so happy I gave myself permission to accept the help I needed, and I am so proud that I am heading in the right direction. I look forward to my deliveries and I feel so supported each week when I see the little label on my food that says “PACKED WITH CARE FOR TRUDY”.

So, thank you Lite n’ Easy, you are guiding me to success, and I know I am getting to a place of ‘self-love’ again.

*Individual results may vary