Start Weight
63 kilos
Current Weight
58 kilos
Weight Lost
5 kilos
6 months

I joined Lite n’ Easy to ease the burden of preparing and cooking meals after a long day.

As a registered nurse in the intensive care ward working 12 hours shifts, by the time I would get home from work, I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy to prepare a meal for myself, so I would buy takeaways instead. Too many months of this unhealthy routine led to weight gain.

As a health professional, I knew I had to be more alert to the lifestyle factors contributing to high blood pressure and cholesterol, as this ran in my family. My mother introduced me to Lite n’ Easy because she lost a lot of weight on the program.

Lite n’ Easy’s food is delicious and there is a wide menu selection.

I am really enjoying the fresh salad dinners and when I feel like something more traditional the roast dinner selection. I order the Dinners and the Lite Meals for lunch. Since I started this regime, life is less stressful and I look forward to selecting what I feel like and having it ready in 8 minutes!

As a bonus I lost over 5 kilos, and find maintaining my weight easy with the Lite n’ Easy meals.

I also find the value very good. I have saved money not buying expensive lunches and dinners at work. I also saved myself from shopping in crowded places and long queues, increasing my risk of exposure to COVID.

From a health perspective I feel confident that Lite n’ Easy meals will help prevent health related problems further down the road.

Lite n’ Easy is so convenient for such a busy person like me. As a front-line health worker, I consider looking after my nutritional intake with Lite n’ Easy essential ‘self-care’.

*Individual results may vary