5 things we can learn from babies

When it comes to good eating habits!

Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and new mum, Bell Silverthorne shares some good eating habits we could learn from babies.

Thanks to a few months of looking after a tiny human, I’ve noticed that babies intrinsically seem to have some fantastic foundations for good eating habits. These 5 behaviours serve as good reminders for us all:


1. Eat small amounts often, rather than one or two HUGE meals during the day.

There’s no way a happy baby can thrive on one or two massive feeds alone. Small amounts every few hours works much better.


2. Take your time during your meal.

Just about every feed there’s an intermission to pause and just enjoy the meal, as opposed to scoff it down.


3. Only eat what you need.

I’ve been told you can’t over-feed a baby on breastmilk, they will simply vomit when they’ve had enough. While as adults we may not have quite the same reflexes in place, we can take a leaf from babies and not have huge portions, more than our bodies need.


4. Eat only whole foods.

I guess it goes without saying that babies don’t chow down on junk food or highly processed foods or expensive (unnecessary) supplements. They are content on whole foods which are natural. And all of their growth and development works beautifully as is.


5. Eat mindfully.

My baby is so entranced with feeding sometimes. She has her eyes fully closed, and dedicates all her focus to the meal on tap. There is no watching tv/scrolling on her phone. **


**Full disclosure, a few more weeks down the track I’ve noticed she is distracted much more easily during feeds, but I still think she eats more mindfully than most of us!


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Bell Silverthorne is an exercise physiologist, wellness coach and lifestyle medicine practitioner with a passion for every day Australians to be that little bit healthier. Whether it’s sleeping better, exercising more, eating more fruit and veggies each day or doing your best to maintain a good headspace. Bell is a massive advocate of lifestyle medicine – harnessing your everyday lifestyle habits to help prevent, manage or even reverse chronic disease.