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Bite sized news and advice to help you with your goals and guide you along your health journey. We’ll be covering easy and digestible topics about all things health, wellness and nutrition.

The 2 most important nutrients for keeping bones healthy

Did you know, after the age of 50, it is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer a fracture? October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day, and in light of this, Lite n’ Easy Dietitian Fleur Lesslie discusses the important part nutrition plays in managing bone health.

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Looking for a way to beat the “COVID-19 Blues”?

During these crazy COVID-19 times, it’s understandable to experience different emotions such as loneliness, boredom, anxiety and depression. But there are things we can do to help us better manage these feelings. Lite n’ Easy Dietitian Larissa Robbins explains how.

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Let’s have a heart to heart…

If recent times have taught us anything, it’s the value of life and loved ones. Whilst the impact of COVID-19 is devastating, closer to home, heart disease takes more than 118 Australian lives each day – that's one person every 12 minutes! Lite n’ Easy Dietitian Larissa Robbins takes a look at some of the risk factors for heart disease and some tips to keep your heart pumping for those you love.

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How to eat well, to age well.

Enjoying good food is one of life’s great pleasures, and that shouldn’t change as we get older. Access to high quality food is not only key for good health, but also independence, happiness, and quality of life, which is something we are all entitled to, at any age.

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Healthy Body…Healthy Brain!

Forgot your wallet? Misplaced your keys? Walked into a room and can’t remember what for? These are all signs of cognitive decline and are a natural part of ageing. Lite n’ Easy Well-being Advisor Suzanne Pearson explains how nutritious food and exercise play a role in maintaining good brain health.

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Do you know how many serves of vegetables you need?

Only 4% of Australians are meeting their daily recommended intake of 5 serves per day, so what better time to shake this up than to jump on board Meat Free Week! Meat Free Week encourages participants to skip meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause such as Bowel Cancer Australia. Lite n’ Easy Dietitian Fleur Lesslie shares her top tips for going Meat Free!

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Why good health starts with you!

With the physical and hormonal changes that occur throughout women's lives, it is important that women stay on top of their health. A great place to start when trying to meet the changing needs of your body is through food and nutrition. Lite n’ Easy Dietitian, Sarah Cinar, takes a look at a few key nutrients that are important for women across all ages.

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Some super heroes don’t have capes… they are called Dad

Dads know a lot, but when it comes to looking after their health, there is more they could be doing! Father’s often neglect their own health, putting their families first. On this Father's Day, we are sharing four health tips for dads to maintain a happier and healthier life and some motivational stories from special Lite n’ Easy dads who are doing just that!

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What’s your most important tool?

It is easy to assume that if your job is physically active, you don’t need to do any more exercise outside of work. Lite n’ Easy Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Bell Silverthorne explains why planned exercise is essential.

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8 flu fighting super foods

As we move through the cold and flu season, you may be wondering what you can do to keep healthy and reduce your chances of getting sick. While there is no one way to avoid catching the common cold or the flu entirely, strengthening your immune system can go a long way to reducing your risk.

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6 Top Tricks for helping Tradies take better care of their health

This Tradies National Health Month, Lite n’ Easy will be shining a light on the role that good, nutritious food and exercise has on the health and well-being of Tradies!! Sarah Cinar, Lite n’ Easy Dietitian shares her top 6 tricks for helping Tradies take better care of their health.

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6 Healthy hacks for unhealthy winter food

Lite n’ Easy Senior Development Chef, Brett Johnston shares the tricks of the trade and how you can still enjoy your favourite winter foods with some sneaky substitutes to make them healthier.

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