Eat Well. Age Well.

The secret to ageing well is simple - Eat Well.

Lite n’ Easy is more than just a weight loss solution. We also offer affordable, delicious meals designed to promote healthy eating, well-being and a better quality of life for older Australians. As we age, our nutritional needs change, but that doesn’t mean food should become less interesting or enjoyable. Designed by dietitians and prepared by chefs, Lite n’ Easy meals not only taste great, they’re actually good for you too.

There’s no need to shop, cook or clean as our meals are delivered to your door, so you can enjoy more free time and independence. There are no contracts or joining fees, which means you are free to order what you want, when you want. And with over 235 meals to choose from, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Why Lite n' Easy is perfect for seniors

Nutritionally balanced meals

Dietitian approved meals for seniors.


No shopping or cooking, delivered to your door.

Home Care Packages

Approved supplier for Home Care Package recipients.

Lite n' Easy is so convenient, I have been getting my weekly delivery for over 5 years now! Robyn - Country NSW

We have been ordering for a few months as part of Peter's Home Care Package and it's just brilliant! Peter & Jackie - QLD

Healthy delicious food delivered to your door for weight loss and time saving convenience.

On a Home Care Package?

Lite n’ Easy also partners with over 400 Home Care Package (HCP) providers across Australia. The means HCP recipients may also be entitled to a split billing arrangement, where the recipient pays for 30% of the Lite n’ Easy order, and the HCP provider pays 70%.

For HCP recipients, this reduces the cost of a meal from around $12 to less than $4, based on a standard 7 Dinner meal pack.

To find out more about Home Care Packages click on the link below.

My Choice Meals for older Australians by Lite n' Easy

My Choice

Independence. Choice. Happiness.

Enjoying good food is one of life’s great pleasures, but many older Australians find it difficult to eat enough of the right food to maintain optimum health. My Choice by Lite n’ Easy is a new range of smaller, great tasting meals developed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of older Australians who find our standard dinner meals too large.

Smaller meals for older Australians – packed full of taste and goodness.

To find out more about My Choice meals click on the link below.


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How to eat well, to age well

Enjoying good food is one of life’s great pleasures, and that shouldn’t change as we get older. Access to high quality food is not only key for good health, but also independence, happiness, and quality of life, which is something we are all entitled to, at any age.

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