Aspiring Paralympic swimmer and NDIS customer

I am a competitive swimmer with a dream to one day swim in the Paralympics. I currently swim at a national competition level and have two Queensland titles in my multi-class division.

As background, I am 36 years old and once was a professional chef. Then 12 years ago, a virus attacked my cerebellum and left me physically disabled, basically needing to learn to walk and talk again from scratch. I walk with the assistance of a walker and the first few years were difficult as I adjusted to my new life.

Then I discovered swimming, and everything changed.

These days I actively pursue sport to maintain mobility and better mental health, both of which are so important to my healthy lifestyle. I swim 3kms most days and do a gym program as well. My neurologist supports all my physical pursuits because the fitter I am, the better overall health outcomes I have.

Because of my disability, I have trouble with coordination and cannot safely handle knives. I live independently from my family and used to have my support worker do food prep for me, but if there wasn’t enough, I would just have to eat toast!

I was looking around for ways to easily prepare my own meals or get them delivered and still maintain a high level of protein and nutrition in my diet. This is when I discovered Lite n’ Easy.

Lite n’ Easy gives me a much easier, healthier option and I can be more independent, which is important to me.

It is great that is it subsidised by my NDIS package, so for about $20-$30 per week I have dinner sorted!

I choose my own dinners and my dad helps me put my order in. I particularly love the Fresh Chilled Dinner range from Lite n’ Easy. The salads are great to take to training and eat on the go. I also order some frozen dinner meals that I can have at any time, just quickly grab them out of the freezer and heat them up in the microwave when I get back from training.

All the dinners, whether fresh chilled or frozen are packed full of fresh vegetables and high protein meats to provide the high level of protein and nutrition I need in my diet, fully prepared and delivered to my door.

Lite n’ Easy is particularly suited for me – easy, good nutrition which fuels my training and supports performance.

I enjoy being an inspiration to many young disabled swimmers at the pool and would love to be a coach myself one day.

*Individual results may vary