Home Care Package (HCP) customer – Adelaide

I have been widowed for 3 years and live alone but with a very busy life. I still volunteer at my local community centre and am out most days.

Before I started ordering Lite n’ Easy I would begin the afternoon thinking about what I might cook for dinner.  As the day diminished, I would take my dog for a walk and feed the animals, then end up deciding on a toasted cheese sandwich or maybe a couple of dry biscuits with cheese and a bowl of ice cream at about 8.00pm.

Realising that this was not good, I contacted my Home Care Package(HCP) provider to ask about Meals on Wheels and they directed me to Lite n’ Easy. I started ordering and have not looked back. 

I love Lite n’ Easy!

I tell people I have my own personal chef and send photographs of the food to my kids who worry about me not eating properly. I now know that whatever time I finish my working day, I can go to my fridge or freezer and choose my dinner, cook it in 8 minutes, serve it up on a plate or bowl and sit down in front of the TV for the evening.

I feel better, I have less dishes to wash and the food is delicious – Roast Lamb for lunch last Sunday and it was great!

I have told all my friends in similar situations how efficient it is and they have been very impressed. I invite them to look in my freezer and see the selection.

I am physically disadvantaged with back problems and walk with a stick or walker, so being able to perform such a simple preparation each evening is just wonderful.

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