Start Weight
104 kilos
Current Weight
69 kilos
Weight Lost
35 kilos
8 months

I was going through a tough time in my life as a single mother with a one-year-old. Working full time and without any family help, I had no time to eat properly, or exercise and my weight started to creep up day by day.

When my GP suggested that I start taking Duromine, to help with weight loss as my blood sugar and cholesterol were also rising, I was devastated and felt helpless.

I was so unfit and unhealthy at the time and felt like I had no hope.

In the meantime, I saw a colleague doing Lite n’ Easy at work and witnessed her progress. Still, I was not convinced at the time, as I had tried every diet pill and shake under the sun, and none had worked for me long term.

As a trial, I started by piggy backing on her Lite n’ Easy order with some Mini Meals for myself, before I decided to invest fully to the program. I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy the food was and decided to commit and give Lite n’ Easy a proper go.

I couldn’t believe with such little effort and such yummy food and cakes as snacks, I was dropping kilos in no time!

I incorporated light walks during my work lunch breaks and reached my goal weight in 8 months!

I since have inspired a lot of my colleagues and friends who had similar struggles with their weight. I enjoy watching them losing weight and see what a difference it has made in their lives too.

After losing 35 kilos, I truly can say I feel a million dollars and I carry myself with so much confidence now. It has made a huge positive difference to my life.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy! It has been 4 years since I started this journey and I still enjoy your food.

I can now say I have a healthy lifestyle with no blood sugar or cholesterol issues, and I still keep inspiring others.

*Individual results may vary