Start Weight
154 kilos
Current Weight
80 kilos
Weight Lost
74 kilos
14 months

After caring for my elderly parents until their passing 2 years ago and then suffering many other losses in a short space of time (financial, loved ones, friends, and beloved pets), I found myself in a deep depression. As my psychologist put it, I was so “comatose” for some period – no life, no spark, no feelings – complete numbness, I wasn’t living.

 At 154 kilos, I was excessively overweight, depressed and hated myself. I contemplated suicide numerous times.

 I got to the point I was unable to properly perform basic self-care duties, getting out of bed, up from chairs, showering etc. I was feeling continuously fatigued and breathless.  I was sleeping 20 hours a day. My therapist recommended Lite n’ Easy and I started ordering in September 2020.

I was hesitant at first but was very pleasantly surprised with the variety and taste of the meals. I also enjoyed the convenience. Not just with meal preparation, but calorie intake and measurements. It turned out to be the best decision I made. I stuck to the Meal Plan and started to lose weight straight away.

 Eventually I started to incorporate walking as a form of exercise. Starting with only 20 minutes of walking which was all I could manage. Now I can do over 5 kms with more energy and vigour. I have also recently started doing weight training as well.

 I am truly surprised at having lost 74 kilos to reach my goal weight.

I now feel energised, happy, confident, and still amazed at my achievement.  For me, my story is a rebirth. So, this is a celebration of a new life for me. It just goes to show with determination, resilience and strength, anything is possible. I am absolutely thrilled to have made it through to the other side.

*Individual results may vary