Start Weight
119 kilos (183cm)
Current Weight
87 kilos
Weight Lost
32 kilos
8 months

I gave up smoking 3 years ago and the kilos piled on. So this time last year I weighed 119 kilos and I was struggling. I have a landscaping business which is very physical work and I was eating a typical ‘tradie’s diet’ during the day, spending a fortune on take away food with no nutritional value. I was always sluggish and found the physicality of my work very difficult.

I had high cholesterol and constant pain in my knees and back.

There’s diabetes in my family and I also knew the extra weight could potentially lead to a heart attack. Looking back now, I looked so unhealthy. Another big passion of mine is racing cars which requires a medical. So, when my high cholesterol came up again, I knew I needed to make a massive change.

After seeing a client who had been on Lite n’ Easy and lost a lot of weight, I made the decision to give it a go. Somehow I knew that was the day I was going to change my life basically, starting on Lite n’ Easy.

I ordered the 1800 Calorie Meal Plan and I couldn’t believe how tasty the food was.

I found results straight away

This wasn’t a diet, this was a “way of life”. With such amazing results, I was able to drop down to the 1500 Calorie meal plan. I always felt full and never looked for anything else to eat as my mind and stomach had connected to feeling happily full and satisfied.

I lost the first 31 kgs in only 20 weeks and I’ve kept it off for 8 months. My total weight loss is now 32 kilos!

I feel so much better mentally and physically

I’m finding I can get through a day’s work so much easier. My weight is now in a healthy range. My fitness levels are amazing, the back and knee pain are gone, my cholesterol is perfect and there’s no more heavy snoring. I’ve even had to buy a new, smaller race suit and my lap times have improved. Overall, I am winning at life!

I plan on staying on Lite n’ Easy forever to maintain a healthy weight. Everyone asks me ‘are you still on that diet?’ and I always reply: it’s not a diet, it’s Lite n’ Easy!

Update from Dom – April 2020

My number one tip for everyone to stay healthy during COVID-19 is, where possible, stay on your Lite n’ Easy program! We moved into our new home last weekend, no letterbox yet or street numbering and sure enough our Lite n’Easy delivery arrived without any issues. Now the whole family is enjoying the food and we’re so grateful we don’t have to experience any stress at the supermarket! No panic buying for us during COVID-19, thanks to Lite n’ Easy.

*Individual results may vary