Jenni & Garry

Start Weight
81 kilos
Current Weight
60 kilos
Weight Lost
21 kilos
1 year
Start Weight
100 kilos
Current Weight
85 kilos
Weight Lost
15 kilos
16 weeks

Last year we had to go into temporary accommodation due to water damage from a leaky pipe. We were 6 weeks in a high-rise unit and decided to start Lite n’ Easy for convenience and to lose some weight.

We ordered Jump Start to begin with and it was amazing!

We loved the meals, it has educated us with good food choices, portion control and was just so easy. Jenni has Chron’s Disease and was able to pick meals which supported her diet, while I could still enjoy curries and spicy meals.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the weight incrementally coming off each day and became very focused on the results.

After we moved back home, we continued with Lite n’ Easy, but just ordering the dinners and Mini Meals. We love the variety of meals available and the simplicity of preparation, especially during COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne, when it was difficult to get out and shop for food. Lite n’ Easy was the answer we were looking for.

I have lost 15 kilos and by the end of the year Jenni had lost 21 kilos!

It has given us the opportunity to lose weight gradually without feeling hungry. We feel much better and both have a lot more energy. Despite many challenges during the lock down last year, we have a spring back in our step and people comment on how great we are both looking.

Jenni is even fitting back into a little black dress she had only worn once, before we were married 40 years ago!

Lite n’ Easy has given us a new lease on life and a healthy outlook. I have had my annual medical check-up and my results have improved since last time, which is a great benefit.

So thank you  Lite n’ Easy for restoring our health. What you do really does change lives!

*Individual results may vary