Start Weight
122 kilos
Current Weight
84 kilos
Weight Lost
38 kilos
40 weeks

Before starting Lite n’ Easy, I felt lethargic and uncomfortable in my own skin. I was unfit and struggled with my diet choices and portion sizes.

I initially picked Lite n’ Easy Jump Start because of the convenience: the meals were organised and my cooking time would decrease. This made my weight loss journey so much simpler because I had more time to walk the dog, exercise regularly and prioritise my health.

For me, Jump Start was a good boost at the beginning of my journey.

I was worried about the adjustment to portion sizes and the intermittent fasting, however I found that I was actually eating more on Lite n’ Easy than I was before. It was just eating the right things this time.

I lost 38 kilos in 10 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Now that I’ve lost most of my weight and I’m more settled, I still use Jump Start on occasion when I feel like a bit of a boost.

*Individual results may vary