Start Weight
95 kilos
Current Weight
82 kilos
Weight Lost
13 kilos
8 weeks

During pre-menopause and now post-menopause, I put on 20 kilos in 2 years, and nothing seemed to work to lose the weight. I stopped drinking alcohol, turned vegan/vegetarian, walked to work, decreased my chocolate intake, increased exercise etc., etc.

I had resigned myself to the fact I was going to be this size now, in my middle and senior years.

Then 3 colleagues at work who are around my age started Lite n’ Easy and were seeing results. I was impressed! I thought to myself that I don’t have to pay to feed my kids anymore, as they are adults, so I could easily justify the expense of Lite n’ Easy.

I lost 4 kilos in the first 2 weeks on Jump Start!

I have managed to continue to lose a little weight each week. Altogether now I have lost 13 kilos in 8 weeks! The Jump Start Plus App made me feel more accountable, as I weighed myself the same day and time each week and would enter it in the graph. I liked to see the graph go down, so it inspired me to keep going. I also liked the ease of reordering on the App and using it to double-check what I was eating each day.

I feel much better. I fit in my clothes better!

I can do my Zumba moves better and people are starting to comment they can see I have lost weight.

I originally gave myself 4 months to lose 10 kilos, and Jump Start has been so successful for me, I did it in just 2 months! Now I plan to continue and see how much more I can lose.

*Individual results may vary