My girlfriend, Joan, from the Airforce put me onto Lite n’ Easy a few years ago. We are both ex-service women and live close by one another.

I am 94 years young, legally blind and unable to cook but thanks to the Lite n’ Easy meals, I haven’t got a worry.

I did look at the supermarket meals, but they didn’t appeal to me and I wanted to make sure I got good nutrition for my meal at night.

I feel happy knowing I am eating a balanced meal which really tastes good.

It is also great that I can have a fish, chicken or beef choice for variety.

I have been a widower for 20 years and the meals are so convenient for my situation. I was a busy service-women in the Airforce and then spent many years driving a bus to get the oldies out and about; now I am ‘confined to barracks’ and not so active, people come to me.

I order 14 dinners every fortnight and now that I’ve got my Home Care Package approved, they only cost me $45.30. So that’s a little over $3 each – it is a bargain!

Every night I have something different eat and it is good for me.

Also, no waste is a bonus, I hate throwing food away.

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