Peter & Jackie

Home Care Package customer and partner/carer

We have been ordering Lite n’ Easy for a few months now as part of Peter’s Home Care Package.

It has been such a blessing to us, we have found it just brilliant!

Peter is on a Level 3 Home Care Package. He is still mobile, mentally fit and lives an active life, going swimming in the village every day. But he has had several strokes, recently recovered from surgery for throat cancer and suffers from ongoing breathing difficulties after years of working with heavy chemicals.

I am Peter’s partner (and carer) and we used to struggle every night deciding what to have for dinner.

Now we just order a selection of Lite n’ Easy dinners and then also the smaller meals and soups because Peter can’t eat as much these days.

We love the variety of meal sizes available and the choice of all the international meals. It has made meal times less demanding and of course shopping much easier.

It is also great to be able to select two entirely different meals if that’s what we feel like. If one of us feels like soup, usually me, then it’s lovely to be able to have lamb shanks ready for Peter.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy for making life lighter and easier for both of us.

*Individual results may vary