“Lite n’ Easy just makes sense”

The convenience of delicious healthy meals, delivered to my door allows me to spend more time doing the things I love, with the people I love.

I have a Health Science degree which enables me to advocate the importance of proper nutrition in our lives.

The food we put into our bodies reflects onto our health. A well-balanced diet helps to keep the immune system strong and healthy. It can also help with physical and mental health, as eating healthily allows us to have more energy and therefore be more active.

So, when I was looking for a convenient healthy meal delivery service, I did my research and opted for Lite n’ Easy.

The impetus for seeking a healthy meal delivery service such as Lite n’ Easy was to alleviate the hassle of preparing a meal after a busy day at work and eliminate the washing up that followed. Time is precious and I wanted to spend it wisely. Moreover, having a variety of healthy meals delivered straight to my door meant less time spent queueing in the supermarket. Lite n’ Easy enabled my family to reclaim precious time so we could spend it more meaningfully with each other.

As a family, we are more than satisfied with the quality and freshness of Lite n’ Easy’s tasty meals.

Having adult children often means that our meals are eaten at various times throughout the day. The variety of meals allows each member to choose meal options that appeal to them. The girls particularly enjoy the range of pizzas, pastas, and salads. Not only because they taste great but because they also feel a prolonged sense of satiety which helps to keep the calories in check. My husband favours the fresh meals, especially the chicken schnitzel with gravy, the southern chicken with sweet potato wedges and the steak with Diane sauce. He believes everything tastes better with gravy.

I prefer to go around the world with the international tastes of Asia, Europe, and Central America. The fragrant spices add so much flavour and aroma to the dishes.

Everyone is satisfied. As my husband says, “happy wife, happy life.”

I am more than happy with Lite n’ Easy and so is he after losing 13 kilos on in the first three months.

It’s a win for everyone!

*Indvidual results may vary