Dr Rae & Ian

I am a retired doctor and have been a loyal customer of Lite n’ Easy for over 20 years now.

Some years ago I used the program to reach a reasonable target weight and to this day, I continue to speak very highly of the quality of Lite n’ Easy and the excellent nutrition it provides.

Up until a couple of years ago I was still heavily involved with pastoral care duties in several aged care facilities and also church responsibilities  40+ kilometres from home, often getting home late in the afternoon.

My husband Ian and I decided that, because Lite n’ Easy meals were so very well balanced, particularly with regard to the correct amount of vegetables and fruit, our most healthy and convenient choice was to continue on the 1500 Calorie Lunch & Dinner program.

I have certainly been enjoying the My Choice meals lately too!

For health reasons we both need porridge for breakfast so we cover that meal ourselves.

Lite n’ Easy has been a godsend, even more over the past year, when I have had some health issues of my own. Unfortunately I developed renal cancer, but I am 83 so have to expect some problems! Lite n’ Easy has helped me remain resilient, especially during chemo treatments.

To know that we have a reliable supply of delicious and wholesome food has been such a comfort.

Incidentally, my weight has not bounced back as weight does on so many other programs! It wobbles between 70 and  72 kilos, a far cry from the 95 kilos I once battled.

We are able to maintain a good quality of life and are indeed very thankful.

Thank you!

*Individual results may vary