Julie & Jessica

Start Weight
75 kilos
Current Weight
63 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
12 weeks
Start Weight
74 kilos
Current Weight
66 kilos
Weight Lost
8 kilos
16 weeks

I’d put on weight during Covid and got to the heaviest I had been since having my 3 now adult children.

I decided to try Lite n’ Easy and ordered the Jump Start 1200 Meal Plan. I initially set my goal to get to 68 kilos and then continued to move my goal down, as the results were so motivating. Now I have lost 12 kilos in 12 weeks and 30 cm off my waist, hips, legs and arms measurements.

I am down to 63 kilos!

My results have inspired a whole group of friends and family to also get on board Lite n’ Easy. We created a chat group to keep each other on track and named it “we’re lite but not easy”. Between the 6 of us, we have lost so much weight!

My middle daughter Maddie got on board with not much to lose and lost 3.5 kilos and 14 cm off her total body measurements. Another friend is down under 60 kilos for the first time she can remember.

My other daughter Jessica (pictured) has now started too. She is down 8 kilos in 16 weeks after having two babies in recent years.

Jessica has recently stopped breastfeeding her youngest and is keen to lose the remaining few kilos she put on during pregnancy and Covid. She and her husband both work and have sporting commitments most nights of the week, so the convenience of having all their meals organised does wonders for them. It helps keep them on track with their health and fitness goals.

We all love the convenience and variety of Lite n’ Easy.

Maddie and I still order the Lunch Favourites, and we love it because it’s great to know our work lunch is sorted. We’re not wasting time, money or calories eating out, which helps us stay on track. We have found Lite n’ Easy fits so well into all our different lifestyles, and we just love it!


How can Lite n’ Easy help?

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