Start Weight
86 kilos
Current Weight
76 kilos
Weight Lost
10 kilos
16 weeks

Before Lite n’ Easy I was feeling unmotivated and I could not fit into my pants.

I was comfort eating all the wrong things and was just generally low in energy and enthusiasm. I was in the airline industry and developed some unhealthy eating habits and stopped going to the gym. Then COVID hit and I put on 10 kilos after I stopped working.

I really needed to have a reset, so I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a while and start eating right, with the help of Lite n’ Easy.

I had tried Lite n’ Easy before and had great success so it was an easy choice to try it again. It gives me flexibility and fantastic tasting food with a lot of variety. I’ve been on the 5 Day breakfast, lunch and dinner program which gives me 2 days to myself. This helps socially and also gives me the chance to implement good choices on my own.

I love the fresh food and salads!

Two of my favourites are the Vegetarian Lasagne with Caesar Salad and the Southern Style Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges.

Convenience was also a big factor, saving me so much time and energy to be more active and do things I love like yoga, hiking and swimming.

Lite n’ Easy is also great value for money for me.

It is about $26 a day for breakfast lunch and dinner and all snacks in between. Before it was costing me at least $15 a day just for lunch, so I’m actually saving money.

I’ve lost 10kgs in just over 4 months.

I feel great and it’s nice to get positive feedback from people who notice the physical change.For me it’s the mental change that has been the most powerful thing. I’m more positive, I sleep better, and I get up earlier and easier. I don’t crave the wrong kinds of foods as much, getting the good results makes it easy to keep going and stay on track.

Simply put, Lite n’ Easy just works.

*Individual results may vary