Start Weight
104 kilos
Current Weight
70 kilos
Weight Lost
34 kilos
1 year

Home Care Package customer

I am 73 and confined to a motorised wheelchair due to the polio I had as a child. I cannot do any strenuous exercise.

At the end of 2019 I weighed 102 kgs and my BMI was 37. My weight put me at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, and several types of cancer. I was an emotional eater. Food had become my comfort, my painkiller and my energy source when fatigued. I was addicted to sweet foods. My weight gain was slow and insidious. A couple of kilos weight gain each year added up, and I was shocked to find myself in the obese category.

I have four children and ten beautiful grandchildren. I want to live well into old age to see my grandkids grow up. I knew I was reducing my life expectancy by carrying so much excess weight. I had to take stock of myself.

On New Year’s Eve 2019 I made a resolution to lose 30 kgs by the following Christmas.

It seemed an impossible goal, especially without exercise as all the diet programs recommend ‘diet and exercise’. In January 2020 I attempted to do it alone, counting calories and trying to balance nutrition. I found it hard and time-consuming, and food preparation was hampered by arthritic pain in my hands.

I was tempted to give up, but instead I decided to try Lite n’ Easy. On TV the Lite n’ Easy meals looked delicious, and I knew all the work would be done for me. I was prepared to give up things to afford it – then I found that with no food waste and no trips to the supermarket with resultant impulse buys I was spending no more than usual.

I welcomed my first Lite n’ Easy delivery on 1st February 2020, and before it arrived, I emptied my fridge and pantry. For the next ten months (and beyond) the only food in my house would be from Lite n’ Easy. I chose the 1200 calories Meal Plan. Scrumptious meals. No more ordering pizza when I was too tired to prepare a meal. Calorie counting and nutritional balance done for me. And NO HUNGER PANGS!

After the first month and a 3 kilo weight loss, I thought, “I can do this!”. And I did.

Through the COVID19 lockdowns, Lite n’ Easy did not let me down, the white esky came to my door every week without fail. The weight was falling off me; every month I was 3 kilos lighter. In ten months, I did not cheat once. I had no desire to. I lost my emotional need for food very quickly, and I no longer craved sweet foods from very early in the piece. The meals satisfied me, being tasty and beautifully prepared. I made (and still make) my meals an occasion. I truly enjoy the food.

Yes, I reached that 30 kilo loss by Christmas. Actually, I reached it in November and by Christmas I had lost 33 kilos! By mid–January 2021 I was down to 68 kilos – NORMAL WEIGHT! My BMI is now 24.7 – in the normal range. Total weight loss of 34 kilos.

The benefits are many. My hair is shiny and has stopped falling out due to poor nutrition. My skin is clear. My last full blood count showed everything to be within the normal range. My cholesterol has lowered without medication. My liver function is near normal where once I had the signs of fatty liver. Iron levels have risen. My blood pressure is normal, and I no longer get breathless on exertion. Happy? Of course, I am and so is my doctor! Four weeks ago, I moved on to the 1500 program for maintenance. There is no way I will ever go back to my former mode of eating.

The convenience, variety and quality of Lite n’ Easy meals make it simple to eat well.

One important factor in the success of my weight loss journey was to stay positive. I stopped telling myself I was fat or hating my looks. Self-esteem is a must. I began with determination to get healthy, gain energy and live a longer life. I look in the mirror now and see someone who is slim. I have gone down 3 dress sizes. I have learnt to give my body the respect it deserves – after all, it is the only one I have. I have found that to eat well is to be well.

I hope that my story will give hope and encouragement to those who are no longer young or who are, as I am, living with a disability that makes exercise difficult. Success is still possible. I am proof of that. ‘The longest journey begins with one step’

*Individual results may vary