Stephen & Robyn

NDIS customers, Parkinson’s advocates and Park Run Enthusiasts

I was diagnosed with a stage one moderate level of Parkinson’s Disease in 2015 at fifty-two. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease that may remain stable or worsen over time. With the help of my Occupational Therapist, NDIS planning commenced in November 2020. Since 2020 my Parkinson’s has progressed to stages three and four with balance, slowness of movements and fall symptoms impairing daily living activities such as dressing, eating, and standing.

I was experiencing significant personal safety issues in the kitchen environment with dystonia and freezing of my limbs. This happens without warning and contributes to falls, loss of control, dropping items, and forgetting what one is doing on a cooktop. Food preparation and eating became a significant safety concern. Eating was helped with NDIS provided disability utensils. But after considerable research, it became clear that a reasonable, cost-effective, and necessary solution for food preparation would be Lite n’ Easy.

My research revealed that as well as helping with food preparation, Lite n’ Easy portions would help with impulse control and weight loss as well as the value added by Lite n’ Easy’s Dietitians, in contrast to having a support worker providing shopping for food and meal preparation. With Lite n’ Easy, a Dietician creates the plans to meet different nutritional needs, something a support worker is not trained in and would not be able to provide. This nutritional value add greatly helps in the management of my health to reach my personal goals.

At first, I was not able to receive Lite n’ Easy as part of my NDIS package but I appealed and won, so now I am on a new NDIS two-year plan that includes preparation and delivery of meals.

Lite n’ Easy help’s me reach my NDIS plan goals which are to be fit by eating well, reducing reliance on my wife (Robyn) to maintain a good married relationship and to run/walk a marathon, using disability outdoor walking aides.

With Lite n’ Easy, Robyn prepares the meals on a plate and sometimes may help open the packaging. I like the dinner options, especially the choice of restaurant-quality international meals. My favourite lunches are all the fresh meals and salads. Breakfast favourites are beans, eggs, bacon, and various slices of bread. With consultation from my Dietician, I started with the 1500 Calorie plan, which helped maintain my weight. However, I am now changing to the 1200 Calorie plan to help achieve my weight loss goal.

Robyn’s favourite breakfast is the bacon and zucchini bread and the breakfast wrap. She enjoys the Vietnamese salad with shredded tofu, the pizza options, and the sliced chicken & apple salad with almonds for lunch. For dinner, she appreciates all the curries!

We love doing things together and supporting each other in ways we can. We both have medical conditions that provide daily challenges, but we don’t let that stop us living life. We do a weekly Saturday morning Park Run together, we follow and support each other’s weekly exercise activities, and now we follow our Lite n’ Easy choices together too.


How can Lite n’ Easy help?

We are proud to be a nationally recognised NDIS Registered Provider. Participants who have core support funding specified for meal preparation and delivery, including for support workers to undertake shopping and meal preparation support, will be able to claim meal preparation and delivery from Lite n’ Easy as an alternative.

Lite n’ Easy is committed to helping all Australians enjoy a better quality of life by making it easy to access delicious, nutritious meals. *Individual results may vary.