Tristan & Hayley

Start Weight
108 kilos
Current Weight
88 kilos
Weight Lost
20 kilos
16 weeks
Start Weight
57 kilos
Current Weight
52 kilos
Weight Lost
5 kilos
6 weeks

I hit my peak at 126 kilos after being in sales and management for a few years and prioritising work before my health. Working at this level, ironically for a national health club chain, left me burnt out, overweight and needing a major change in my lifestyle to achieve good health.

I left the corporate world and started my own business, with a view to achieving a better work-life balance. I lost a little weight over the years and yo-yoed between 108-118 kilos. I tried other types of home-delivered healthy eating services, but nothing worked long term. I always blamed being too busy and wanting to do stuff for the kids as my excuse for not getting fit. 

My wife Hayley and I decided we needed to approach the task of losing weight and managing our health more sustainably. We started Lite n’ Easy on Jump Start and in the first 2 weeks, I lost 5 kilos.

The near instant weight loss was a real motivator.

We then changed over to the more long-term plan of Monday to Friday on Lite n’ Easy, with weekends free and flexible, and it worked! Combining Lite n’ Easy 5 days and home-based workouts, it’s the first time I have achieved a weight below 100 kilos and I am now well beyond that milestone, having just hit 88 kilos.

All up I’m 20 kilos down and have not felt better physically or mentally in the last 20 years.

The biggest impact has not only on been my body, but also my mind. I have had an anxiety disorder since my teens and never realised how much of a positive affect healthy eating would have on my condition until now. I encourage anyone, especially in the current climate, who is dealing with any sort of mental illness to look at their diet and exercise as part of their daily management. It’s not a magical solution, but is certainly part of maintaining a healthy mind. 

We absolutely love the convenience of Lite n’ Easy with 2 small children.   

Having the meals ready to go really helps us maintain our results and gives us more free time. Now I only have to cook for the kids and don’t have to think about what to cook for Hayley and I – with Lite n’ Easy, everything is already done for us. We enjoy the 5 Day Meal Plan and then the weekends are an opportunity to cook with the kids or go to a restaurant.

Thanks to Lite n’ Easy, we now have a healthy work-life balance and a sustainable solution to maintaining our weight loss.

*Individual results may vary.